Monday, April 29, 2013

Sacred Art Workshop: Catacomb Paintings

Sacred Art students learned about the early Christian art found in the underground catacombs in Rome.  They identified common symbols (anchor, peacock, chi-rho, dove, fish) and discovered their meaning and significance.  Each student painted a tile using inspiration from these early Christian symbols and students worked by candle light, just like the early Christians!
L-R, Top-Bottom:
Isabelle, Elias
Betsy, Elizabeth
Lorenzo, Antonio
Catherine, Michael
Sal, Meghan

(Greta's coming soon!)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Middle School Art: Georgia O'Keeffe Studies

Students studied the life and art of modern artist, Georgia O'Keeffe and noticed her large, abstracted, simplified and close-up representations of natural elements.  Students responded to their study by choosing an O'Keeffe painting to study and emulate with tempera paints.

Hunter Kyes

Caris T.

Kayleen S.

Michael K.

David R.

Hunter King

Niamh R.

Jack H.

Laura F.

 Sophie S.

Rachel C.

Heather M.

High School Art: 3rd Quarter Independent Projects

Acrylic painting inspired by album art - Elizabeth O.
Glass Mosaic Coasters - Isabella I.
Inspired by Van Gogh's "Kingfisher" painting - Christiane B.
1 - Mixed media diorama. 
2 - Acrylic painting.
 3 - Digital art on an iPad.

 Jonathan T.
1. Drawing that incorporates original symbols of the 7 Hermetic principles (Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, Gender)
2. Original symbol for the Christian trinity

Body Painting - Savannah S.

1. Day of the Dead
2. Wood Nymph
3. Aging and Gender
4. Cheetah
5. Antelope
6. Squid Hand
7. Owl Hand
Paper Quilling - Paige F.

Stuffed Cat - Luca V.

Handmade Colonial Accessories Period and Modern- Lissa G.
Period: blue cloak, pocket, green checked apron, white scarf
Modern Interpretations: Red cloak, blue flowered apron, green scarf

Acrylic Painting Inspired by Aruba - Abby B.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Middle School Art: Polish Leluja Paper Cuttings

Students studied Polish folk art, specifically Leluja paper cuttings.  They learned that traditionally these colorful and intricate paper cuttings were often found in rural villages pasted on newly white-washed walls each spring.  Students looked at traditional designs and created their own symmetrical paper cutting including a large stylized tree form, with birds and other animals.

 Row 1: Caris T, Sophie S, Kayleen S
Row 2: Rachel C, Jack H, Niamh R
Row 3: Laura F, Heather M, Hunter Kyes