Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Middle School Art: Murano Glass Color Studies

Students learned basic color mixing theory and practiced their new skill by painting primary colored vases, revealing secondary colors where the "glass" overlaps.  The vases were inspired by the beautiful glass art of Murano, Italy. 

Middle School Art: Cubist Still Life Inspired by Picasso

Students began by studying the life and art of Pablo Picasso.  They used his cubist style to inspire their own cubist drawings.  Students drew a still life from observation from multiple perspectives, deconstructed both drawings, then reconstructed the pieces into a new cubist composition. The drawings were finished with colored pencils in a limited color palette. 

Middle School Art: Starry Nights Inspired by Van Gogh

Students in Middle School Art studied the life and painting style of Vincent Van Gogh. Inspired by his distinctive brushstrokes, students created their own version of a "Starry Night" with acrylic paint, watercolors and oil pastel.