Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Middle School Art: Mixed Media Cityscapes

Students looked at various examples of cityscapes, specifically the collage work of Romare Bearden.  Students created their own mixed media cityscapes by layering various types of cardboard, cork board and wood pieces, painting it black and adding oil pastel for color and texture.
Caris T.
Niamh R.
Hunter King

Heather M.
Kayleen S.
Hunter Kyes
David I. 
Laura F.
Rachel C.
Michael K.

Jack and Sophie's coming soon!


  1. I absolutely loooove this lesson! I am going to do it with my class, would love to hear exactly how you made it, how the textures were created and how old are the students who worked on this? Thanks

  2. Yes, one of my favorites! The students were in middle school, so ages 11-13. They were given a square piece of cardboard for the background (maybe 8x8?) and then they used pieces of cork, cardboard, toothpicks etc to create their cityscape. For the most part they used elmers glue, but if something wasn't sticking well, they could use hot glue. When the design was complete, they were painted with black acrylic paint. After that, they just used oil pastel to add color. Hope this helps! Very fun lesson!

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