Friday, June 21, 2013

Sacred Art Workshop: In the Style of Georges Rouault

Students studied the life and work of Christian artist, Georges Rouault.  They learned that Rouault spent time as an apprentice to a stained glass artist and that this experience profoundly influenced his work.  The students responded by creating landscapes inspired by Rouault's stained-glass like paintings, using tempera paint.


  1. This assignment produced some lovely work. How did you guide their progress? Did the students sketch their design, paint in color, let it dry, and then outline the shapes in black paint? I'm new to teaching art, an untrained enthusiast with a classs of 15 upper elementary homeschool kids. There's a lot of inspiration to be found on your blog. Thanks for sharing. --Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth, You are exactly right! I would teach them a little biographical info about Roualt and then have them draw, paint with acrylic or tempera (let dry) and paint lines black with a small brush. I've also had them just use black oil pastel, if they'd like. Hope that helps!